On 3/16/18 11:40, Tom Lane wrote:
> Michael Paquier <mich...@paquier.xyz> writes:
>> On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 11:35:13AM +0530, Prabhat Sahu wrote:
>>> AS $$
>>> select 10;
>>> $$;
>> Problem reproducible here, and the bug has been introduced by fd1a421f.
>> It seems to me that the function should not be authorized to be created
>> to begin with, as it returns an integer in its last query, where I think
>> that check_sql_fn_retval is doing it wrong when called in
>> inline_function() as we know that it handles a function, and not a
>> procedure thanks to the first sanity checks at the top of the function.
> Hm.  Actually, I think this is my fault.  It is true that previous PG
> versions would have rejected this function definition, but my intention
> while revising Peter's prokind patch was that we'd start allowing a
> VOID-returning SQL function to contain anything, and just ignore whatever
> the last statement within it might be.  The documentation doesn't say
> much about VOID-returning SQL functions, but I certainly don't see
> anything saying that they can't end with a SELECT, so arguably the old
> behavior is a POLA violation.  In any case, this is the behavior we
> need for VOID-returning procedures, and there seems little reason not
> to make functions act similarly.
> So apparently I missed something with that.  Will look more closely.

This was listed as an open item, but it was already fixed by
877cdf11eaa9cabcb9b1e3c1bef0760fe08efdc3, so I'll remove it.

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