Patch makes buildfarm almost red, patch is temporary reverted.

Actually, discovered bug is not related to patch except new test faces with it,
problem is: CompareIndexInfo() checks rd_opfamily for equality for all attributes, not only for key attribute.

Obviously, CompareIndexInfo() needs more work:
    for (i = 0; i < info1->ii_NumIndexAttrs; i++)
        if (maplen < info2->ii_KeyAttrNumbers[i])

Seems, we can go out from ii_KeyAttrNumbers array.

Amit Langote wrote:

On 2018/04/11 0:36, Teodor Sigaev wrote:
     Does the attached fix look correct?  Haven't checked the fix with
     PARTITION though.

Attached patch seems to fix the problem.  However, I would rather get
rid of modifying stmt->indexParams.  That seems to be more logical
for me.  Also, it would be good to check some covering indexes on
partitioned tables.  See the attached patch.

Seems right way, do not modify incoming object and do not copy rather
large and deep nested structure as suggested by Amit.

Yeah, Alexander's suggested way of using a separate variable for
indexParams is better.

But it will  be better to have a ATTACH PARTITION test too.

I have added tests.  Actually, instead of modifying existing tests, I
think it might be better to have a separate section at the end of
indexing.sql to test covering indexes feature for partitioned tables.

Attached find updated patch.


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