Hi, hackers!

Looks like we finally have covering indexes! And that's cool!

So I decided to create a thread to discuss covering GiST indexes.
Here's a prototype patch implementing this functionality.
It is quite small (+80 -30) and lacks tests and docs. But it creates a context.

I have two concerns.
First one is about INDEX_AM_RESERVED_BIT.
B-tree uses it as a base for prefix truncation (I'm not quite sure why it is 
usually called suffix truncation, but this is a matter for other thread).
GiST , probably, will not use [pre\su]fix truncation. But I'd like to use that 
13th bit to implement intra-page indexing - a way to improve search within gist 
page. See [0,1]

Second, currently including indexes do not allow same attributes in both keys 
and include parts.
# create index on x using gist(c) include (c);
ERROR:  included columns must not intersect with key columns

But it makes sense for example for geometries like PostGIS. Index keys are 
truncated to small MBRs while having whole complex geometry right in an index 
could be handy.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.


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