On 2018-04-14 12:32:35 -0700, Jeff Davis wrote:
> Currently, we don't set rpath for llvmjit.so to include `llvm-config --
> libdir`. That means you need to keep LD_LIBRARY_PATH set properly to
> use any non-system installation of LLVM.

Or pass in the appropriate flags to configure. My configure invoking
script has: LDFLAGS='-Wl,-rpath,/home/andres/build/llvm/6/opt/install/lib' etc
in it.

> This isn't unique to LLVM (we only set rpath to the postgres $libdir),
> so I thought it might be project policy. But I think it will be worse
> for LLVM (and perhaps ICU) where people are more likely to want to run
> specific versions. Comments?

I'm not sure we want to do that - and if so to which libraries. I tend
towards thinking that if we do that, we should do it uniformly, not just
for LLVM. At the very least it'd have to respect --disable-rpath.

> PS: I also noticed that a autoconf run on master generates some diffs
> in configure.

I only see one copyright year related diff. Perhaps you're using a
patched distribution autoconf?


Andres Freund

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