On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 05:23:28PM +0800, Paul Guo wrote:
> F_OK seems to be better than R_OK because we want to check file existence
> (not read permission) before creating the relation file with the path
> later.

Please do not top-post, this breaks the discussion logic of the thread.

Perhaps Tom remembers why things have been done this way in 721e537.  At
the end, on second-thoughts, the current coding looks a bit
over-engineered as there is no check for any error codes other than
ENOENT so using only F_OK would be OK.  Note that access cannot complain
about EPERM at least on Linux, so you'd want to actually modify this
comment block.

You should also add this patch to the next commit fest, development of
v11 is done and it is a stabilization period now, so no new patches are
merged.  Here is where you can register the patch:

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