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> > > FYI, I think the server could also require channel binding for SCRAM. We
> > > already have scram-sha-256 in pg_hba.conf, and I think
> > > scram-sha-256-plus would be reasonable.
> > 
> > Noted as well.  There is of course the question of v10 libpq versions
> > which don't support channel binding, but if an admin is willing to set
> > up scram-sha-256-plus in pg_hba.conf then he can request his users to
> > update his drivers/libs as well.
> Yes, I don't see a way around it.  Once you accept that someone in the
> middle can change what you request undetected, then you can't do 
> fallback.  Imagine a man-in-the-middle with TLS where the
> man-in-the-middle allows the two end-points to negotiate the shared
> secret, but the man-in-the-middle forces a weak cipher.  This is what is
> happening with Postgres when the man-in-the-middle forces a weaker
> authentication method.

Technically, you can do automatic fallback if the fallback has
man-in-the-middle and downgrade protection.  Technically, because TLS is
already active when we start authentication negotiation, we don't need
downgrade protection as long as we have man-in-the-middle protection.

Unfortunately, only SCRAM with channel binding and sslmode=verify-full
have man-in-the-middle protection.  Therefore, downgrading from SCRAM
with channel binding to SCRAM without channel binding, MD5, or
'password' is only safe if sslmode=verify-full is enabled.  Technically
MD5, or 'password' has weak or non-existent replay protection, but if we
are requiring TLS, then that doesn't really matter, assuming we have
man-in-the-middle protection.

I don't know if falling back from SCRAM with channel binding to a lesser
authentication methods only if sslmode=verify-full is enabled is really
helpful to anyone since it requires certificate installation.

TLS has similar downgrade issues:


but many of its downgrade options have downgrade protection, and you
don't lose man-in-the-middle protection by downgrading. 
Man-in-the-middle protection via certificate checking happens
independent of the TLS version being used, which is not the case for
Postgres authentication downgrade options.

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