On 5/17/18 17:11, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> This is still listed as an open item, though the patch proposed by Peter
> upthread has been committed.  If I understand correctly, ilmari was
> going to propose another patch.  Or is the right course of action to set
> the open item as resolved?

The items that are still open from the original email are:

2) jsonb scalar values are passed to the plperl function wrapped in not
   one, but _two_ layers of references

3) jsonb numeric values are passed as perl's NV (floating point) type,
   losing precision if they're integers that would fit in an IV or UV.

#2 appears to be a quality of implementation issue without any
user-visible effects.

#3 is an opportunity for future improvement, but works as intended right

I think patches for these issues could still be considered during beta,
but they are not release blockers IMO.

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