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At the cost of having targetlist being type inconsistent. I don't have
any testcase either to show that that's a problem in practice.

As I said before, I don't see any issue in having such a targetlist, but I
might be missing something, so I'd like to discuss a bit more about that.
Could you tell me the logic/place in the PG code where you think the problem
might occur.  (IIRC, you mentioned something about that before (pathkeys? or
index-only scans?), but sorry, I don't understand that.)

IIUC, index-only scan will be used when the all the required columns
are covered by an index. If there is an index on the whole-row
reference of the parent, it will be translated into a
ConvertRowtypeExpr of the child when an index on the child is created.

I think so too.

If the targetlist doesn't have ConvertRowtypeExpr, as your patch does,
the planner won't be able to use such an index on the child table. But
I couldn't create an index with a whole-row reference in it. So, I
think this isn't possible right now.

Actually, even if we could create such an index on the child table and the targetlist had the ConvertRowtypeExpr, the planner would still not be able to use an index-only scan with that index; because check_index_only would not consider that an index-only scan is possible for that index because that index is an expression index and that function currently does not consider that index expressions are able to be returned back in an index-only scan. That behavior of the planner might be improved in future, though.

Pathkey points to an equivalence class, which contains equivalence
members. A parent equivalence class member containing a whole-row
reference gets translated into a child equivalence member containing a

I think so too.

At places in planner we match equivalence members
to the targetlist entries. This matching will fail unexpectedly when
ConvertRowtypeExpr is removed from a child's targetlist. But again I
couldn't reproduce a problem when such a mismatch arises.

IIUC, I don't think the planner assumes that for an equivalence member there is an matching entry for that member in the targetlist; what I think the planner assumes is: an equivalence member is able to be computed from expressions in the targetlist. So, I think it is safe to have whole-row Vars instead of ConvertRowtypeExprs in the targetlist.

Thanks for the explanation!

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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