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> On the subject of FDW support: I did look into supporting that before
> submitting this.  I think it's not academically difficult: just have the
> FDW's acquire_sample_rows callback invoke the update_param functions
> once in a while.  Sadly, in practical terms it looks like postgres_fdw
> is quite stupid about ANALYZE (it scans the whole table??) so doing
> something that's actually useful may not be so easy.  At least, we know
> the total relation size and maybe we can add the ctid column to the
> cursor in postgresAcquireSampleRowsFunc so that we have a current block
> number to report (becing careful about synchronized seqscans).

I don't follow this thread fully, so I might miss something, but I
don't think that's fully applicable, because foreign tables managed by
postgres_fdw can be eg, views on the remote side.

> I do wonder why doesn't postgres_fdw use TABLESAMPLE.

Yeah, that's really what I'm thinking for PG13; but I think we would
still need to scan the whole table in some cases (eg, when the foreign
table is a view on the remote side), because the TABLESAMLE clause can
only be applied to regular tables and materialized views.

> I did not look at other FDWs at all, mind.

IIUC, oracle_fdw already uses the SAMPLE BLOCK clause for that.  Right?

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