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> I don't see how the current API could do that transparently - it does
> track the files, but the user only gets a file descriptor. With just a
> file descriptor, how could the code know to do reopen/seek when it's going
> just through the regular fopen/fclose?
> Anyway, I agree we need to do something, to fix this corner case (many
> serialized in-progress transactions). ISTM we have two options - either do
> something in the context of reorderbuffer.c, or extend the transient file
> API somehow. I'd say the second option is the right thing going forward,
> because it does allow doing it transparently and without leaking details
> about maxAllocatedDescs etc. There are two issues, though - it does
> require changes / extensions to the API, and it's not backpatchable.
> So maybe we should start with the localized fix in reorderbuffer, and I
> agree tracking offset seems reasonable.

We've already got code that knows how to track this sort of thing.
You just need to go through the File abstraction (PathNameOpenFile or
PathNameOpenFilePerm or OpenTemporaryFile) rather than using the
functions that deal directly with fds (OpenTransientFile,
BasicOpenFile, etc.).  It seems like it would be better to reuse the
existing VFD layer than to invent a whole new one specific to logical

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