I just ran pgindent over some patch, and noticed that this hunk ended up
in my working tree:

diff --git a/src/backend/statistics/extended_stats.c 
index 861a9148ed..fff54062b0 100644
--- a/src/backend/statistics/extended_stats.c
+++ b/src/backend/statistics/extended_stats.c
@@ -1405,13 +1405,13 @@ examine_opclause_expression(OpExpr *expr, Var **varp, 
Const **cstp, bool *varonl
        if (IsA(rightop, RelabelType))
                rightop = (Node *) ((RelabelType *) rightop)->arg;
-       if (IsA(leftop, Var) && IsA(rightop, Const))
+       if (IsA(leftop, Var) &&IsA(rightop, Const))
                var = (Var *) leftop;
                cst = (Const *) rightop;
                varonleft = true;
-       else if (IsA(leftop, Const) && IsA(rightop, Var))
+       else if (IsA(leftop, Const) &&IsA(rightop, Var))
                var = (Var *) rightop;
                cst = (Const *) leftop;

This seems a really strange change; this
git grep '&&[^([:space:]]' -- *.c
shows that we already have a dozen or so occurrences already.  (That's
ignoring execExprInterp.c's use of computed gotos.)

I don't care all that much, but wanted to throw it out in case somebody
is specifically interested in studying pgindent's logic, since the last
round of changes has yielded excellent results.


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