Marko Kreen schrieb:
On 6/16/08, Mario Weilguni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Could someone using the pgcrypto extension please verify this?

 SELECT encode(digest(null, 'md5'::text), 'hex');
 SELECT digest(null, 'md5');

 Takes a few seconds, and then crashes the server with a Signal 11. My
system is PostgreSQL 8.2.7. Seems to be an unchecked access to memory
location 0.

Seems you loaded pgcrypto function signatures from dump (from 8.0).

Recreate the functions with pgcrypto.sql.

Yes, this is what I did, and it happened during update from 8.0 --> 8.2. But that brings me to another problem, what is the best way to create backups with pgdump so that stuff from contrib is not dumped, but recreated from the newer version?


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