On Thursday 21 August 2008 18:28:55 Bruce Momjian wrote:
> We never came up with any idea of how pg_dump could dump ALTER DATABASE
> ... SET commands, so I have added a mention in the documentation, and
> backpatched to 8.3.X;  attached.

ok, I have no recollection of this conversation :-)


> ! The dump file also does not
> !    contain any <command>ALTER DATABASE ... SET</> commands;
> !    these settings are dumped by <xref linkend="app-pg-dumpall">,
> !    along with database users and other installation-wide settings.
>     </para>

Is misleading (or maybe just wrong) because those settings are not dumped with 
the other installation wide settings. Meaning that pg_dumpall -g has no 
bearing on the alter database commands being set, you actually have to 
dumpall the entire data set to get those lines.  

Robert Treat
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