bruce wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > Currently, config.sgml still describes the new "enum" GUC variables
> > as being of type "string" --- but pg_settings says they are "enum".
> > This is not very consistent, but I wonder whether changing the docs
> > would be more confusing or less so.  I note that section 18.1 doesn't
> > mention the enum alternative either.
> I looked into this and I think the documentation is fine.  If enums
> didn't require quotes but strings did, we would document them
> differently, but the fact is that enums are the same as strings except
> enums have a limited number of possible values --- that isn't something
> that is usually identified in a variable type definition heading.

Looking further, it seems we still have an inconsistency problem because
pg_settings mentions enum;  should we just change that to 'string'?

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