Peter Eisentraut wrote:
I think you should design this with a bit wider scope. Instead of just "all tables in this schema", think "all tables satisfying some condition". It has been requested, for example, to be able to grant on all tables that match a pattern.
Well, that's certainly possible to do. But I am not sure what kind of conditions (besides the name), nor I don't see any sane grammar for this (maybe something like GRANT SELECT ON TABLE WHERE NAME LIKE '%foo' but that's far to weird). That all tables in this schema thing was agreed on on this mailing list and put on TODO so I thought it's something people want in this form (I know I needed it myself).

As far as GRANT is concerned, a view is a table, so I would omit the VIEW/VIEWS stuff completely.
This maybe true for underlying implementation and for granting permissions to a single object, but you might want to grant select on all views without granting it to all tables in the schema. And as I said having VIEWS and not VIEW just seems weird. Also I don't see why you would want to add possibility of specifying stricter conditions for objects and at the same time remove possibility of distinguishing between tables and views.

Petr Jelinek (PJMODOS)

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