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While I realize experienced people can easily navigate this confusion...

No, that's the worst part--the more you know and the deeper you dig into it, the more broken you realize the whole thing is. When one of the best drivers (in some respects) has a web page that looks like this: that doesn't seem so bad at first--but if you're experienced, you know that the page has been in that disturbing state since late 2006. You start digging into the driver mess, figure you just need to learn how things fit together, but the hole keeps getting bigger as you dig.

The issues here have already been identified: the Perl DBI is an excellent spec, while the Python one is so weak everybody ends up needing their own extensions to it. And then portability *even among Python PostgreSQL drivers* goes out the window. If somebody built a BSD/MIT licensed driver that replaces every useful feature of all the forks, with no major problems, and a couple of major projects switched over to it (think "Skype" level big), maybe this mess could get resolved. I think it would take someone already familiar with the major issues involved a couple of months of regular work to make any serious progress on it.

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