>>     http://code.google.com/p/ocpgdb/
>I saw your note that you have to specify the types for date values
>etc.  Is this really desirable or even necessary?  Can't you specify
>the type as unknown (OID 705, I believe)?
>At work, we recently used to typelessness of Perl's DBD::Pg with great
>effect, introducing a more compact, type-safe representation for a few
>columns, without having to change all the existing Perl scripts
>accessing the database.  That's why I'm wondering...

I can't see how this would work with binary query parameters - the server
will see a blob of binary data and have no way to know what it represents.

I presume DBD::Pg is using text parameters, rather than binary.

Andrew McNamara, Senior Developer, Object Craft

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