On 16.05.2010 02:16, Tom Lane wrote:
Michael Renner<michael.ren...@amd.co.at>  writes:
I've written a simple tool to generate traffic on a database [1], which
did about 30 TX/inserts per second to a table. Upon inspecting the data
in the table, I noticed the expected grouping of tuples which came from
a single backend to matching pages [2]. The strange part was that the
pages weren't completely filled but the backends seemed to jump
arbitrarily from one page to the next [3]. For the table in question
this resulted in about 10% wasted space.

Which table would that be?  The trigger-driven updates to "auction",
in particular, would certainly guarantee some amount of "wasted" space.

Yeah, the auction table receives heavy updates and gets vacuumed regularly.

The behavior I showed was for the "bid" table, which only gets inserts (and triggers the updates for the auction table).

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