Bruce Momjian wrote:

Maybe I have misunderstood. How exactly is the server version being hacked here? I know it's only for testing, but it still seems to me that lying to a program as heavily version dependant as pg_dump is in general a bad idea.

The code in pg_dump 9.0 is:

     * If supported, set extra_float_digits so that we can dump float data
     * exactly (given correctly implemented float I/O code, anyway)
    if (g_fout->remoteVersion >= 90000)
        do_sql_command(g_conn, "SET extra_float_digits TO 3");
    else if (g_fout->remoteVersion >= 70400)
-->     do_sql_command(g_conn, "SET extra_float_digits TO 2");

The indicated line had to be changed to '3'.  I did not change anything
else, and it was only done in my private CVS tree.

Oh, I see. It is pg_dump that you hacked. That wasn't clear to me from what you first said.

But do earlier server versions accept a value of 3? The 8.4 docs say "The value can be set as high as 2".



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