Why do the release notes say this, under plperl:

   * PL/Perl subroutines are now given names (Tim Bunce)
     This is for the use of profiling and code coverage tools. DIDN'T

No they didn't, from perl's perspective, which is what this is about. They had names from Postgres' POV, but those names were and are invisible to perl. PL/Perl functions are (references to) anonymous subroutines. If you say in perl:

   my $foo = sub { $bar = 1; };

the subroutine has no name. The only thing that has a name is the reference to it, which is quite a different thing. PL/Perl functions are created using this sort of mechanism. The change that has been made is to decorate them with names that can be used by profilers etc., although the names can't be used to call them directly, IIRC.

If whoever put this in the release notes had bothered to ask I am sure we would have been happy to explain.



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