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> What do you mean by complex queries? You can always use the SET command.
> Sadly
> it doesn't work when you have different thresholds within distinct
> subqueries.
>  (In pg_similarity I use this approach to set the function's thresholds).

 I mean exactly different thresholds in distinct subqueries.

> I am investigating is a way to build an index with some user-defined
> parameters. (We already have some infra-structure in reloptions for that
> but
> it needs some work to support my idea). I have some half-baked patch that
> I'm
> planning to submit to some of the CFs. Unfortunately, I don't have time for
> it
>  ATM.
User-defined parameters for GiST would be a great feature. I'm performing
some experiments with GiST and I'm really feeling the need of it.

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Alexander Korotkov.

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