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> On Sep 1, 2010, at 4:10 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> This is really premature, and anything you do along those lines now will
>> probably never get committed.

> well, why non-overlapping? the idea is to make append smart enough to
> take the sorted lists from below and merge them which will give sorted
> output as well.

Well, an extra merge step is going to change the cost comparisons quite
a bit; see Greg Starks' comments.  But in any case, my point wasn't that
this is something we should never do; it was that it makes more sense to
wait till something has happened with explicit partitioning.

>> The project direction is that we are going to add some explicit
>> representation of partitioned tables.

> can you outline some ideas here and maybe point to some useful discussion 
> here?

There's been boatloads of discussion of partitioning, and at least one
submitted patch, over the past year or so ...

                        regards, tom lane

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