While working on some database maintenance, I was just tripped up by the fact that there is no good way to query reloptions for tables. By "no good way" I mean "no way which does not involve UNNEST and regexps or procedural code".

This puts us in the wierd place that while one can ALTER various reloptions, one cannot check them to see if they *need* to be altered. That's a particularly bad situation given that changing reloptions requires a lock on the table (though less of one in 9.1).

I propose that we have an additional system view, pg_class_reloptions (or pg_table_reloptions if reloptions aren't relevant for views and indexes). It would have the following columns:


comments/objections/something I missed in the internal functions or 9.1 patches which already does this?

                                  -- Josh Berkus
                                     PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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