> > NET STOP postgresql-8.4
> > NET STOP postgresql-9.0

> > which should be extended by
> >
> > net stop postgresql-x64-9.0
> >
> > for Windows 64 bit.
> >
> Interesting.  What I have added to HEAD and 9.0 docs is the attached
> patch that explains the proper service name should be used.  I don't
> think I want to mention 64-bit explicitly, and in fact this section is
> part of an 'e.g.' block, meaning they are just examples.

yes, they are only examples ... just saying that with one additional example
you could have all the fitting PostgreSQLs on Windows covered  :) ...

especially as learning about the correct service name is quite a nuisance
(it gets named magically in a sensible fassion via the one click installer;
it at least requires bringing up the service control panel and search for
sth looking like PostgreSQL)


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