On Mon, 2010-11-01 at 20:36 +0100, Dimitri Fontaine wrote:
> "Kevin Grittner" <kevin.gritt...@wicourts.gov> writes:
> > Would you be comfortable writing that '012[3-5]' range as
> > '[0123, 0126)' or something similar?  What benefits do you see to
> > using a range for prefixes versus a regular expression?
> Your proposed syntax would do fine, sure. Something like this is even on
> the TODO list for prefix indexing, but for the internal representation,
> as I think there might be some optimisation potential there. Meanwhile,
> it would be easy enough to accept alternative input syntax.

Interesting example of a situation where the representation can be
optimized. I suspected that this was the case, but perhaps my example
wasn't as compelling:


This suggests that there should be some way for the user to specify
their own representation function.

        Jeff Davis

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