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Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@commandprompt.com> wrote:

> Excerpts from Quan Zongliang's message of sáb nov 27 06:03:12 -0300 2010:
> > Hi, all
> > 
> > I created a pg_ctl patch to fix:
> > * BUG #5103: "pg_ctl -w (re)start" fails with custom unix_socket_directory 
> > Allow pg_ctl to work properly with configuration files located outside the 
> > PGDATA directory
> I think the way this should work is that you call postmaster with a new
> switch and it prints out its configuration, after reading the
> appropriate config file(s).  That way it handles all the little details
> such as figuring out the correct config file, hadle include files, etc.
> This output would be presumably easier to parse and more trustworthy.
> Right now we have --describe-config, which is missing the values for
> each config option.

Sorry for my late reply.

I will check the source of postmaster.

Quan Zongliang <quanzongli...@gmail.com>

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