On Wed, 2011-01-19 at 19:34 -0600, Kevin Grittner wrote:
> I agree it's pretty late in the cycle, but I'm going through all the
> loose ends and found this one -- which has been hanging out on the
> Wiki page as an R&D item for over a full year without discussion. 
> :-(  If we provide the snapshots (which we can safely and easily
> do), can someone else who knows what they're doing with WAL and HS
> get the rest of it safely into the release?  That seems to me to be
> the only way it can still happen for 9.1.

I gave you a quick response to let you know that HS need not be a
blocker, for this release. If you are saying you have knowingly ignored
a requirement for a whole year, then I am shocked. How exactly did you
think this would ever be committed?

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