"When I test your example, though, I'm getting the serialization
failure on T3 rather than T2, so I'd call that a bug.  Will
investigate.  Thanks again for your tests!  You seem to be able to
shake out issues better than anyone else!  Once found, fixing them
is not usually very hard, it's coming up with that creative usage
pattern to *find* the problem which is the hard part."

Thank you very much, but I do not deserve this honor. I was just constructing 
an example for myself so that I could understand why read only transaction 
might pose a problem. I posted it to help other people to see a concrete 
example of the problem. I had no idea this would show an actual bug in the code.

"OK if I add this one to our dcheck test suite, too?"

It is of course OK. And if you want to add this as an example in the 
documentation, it would be great. This is a simple, but concrete example of why 
read only serializable transaction might cause an anomaly. If I am not 
mistaken, there isn't any complete example in the documentation. It was hard 
for me to grasp why there might be a problem and I don't think I am alone.

 - Anssi

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