Robert Haas <> writes:
>> Yes, from the backend-developer's perspective. But not from the
>> extension-developer's perspective :-) And seriously, make is one of
>> those things that is supremely capable of doing lots of stuff, but is so
>> difficult to use correctly that everyone keeps reinventing newer wheels.
>> Seems this one isn't round enough.
> Not to mention the fact that make doesn't work on Windows, so any
> extensions that rely on this will need hacks in the MSVC build system.

Fair enough, so that's just me not seeing it.  Now I agree that having
the right hand side of the format I proposed be an ordered list of files
rather than a single file is simple enough and comes with benefits.

The examples are using spaces as the separator, how friendly is that to
our windows users?  Maybe using coma instead would be better?

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