2010/12/31 Jan Urbański <wulc...@wulczer.org>:
> (continuing the flurry of patches)
> Here's a patch that stops PL/Python from removing the function's
> arguments from its globals dict after calling it. It's
> an incremental patch on top of the plpython-refactor patch sent in
> http://archives.postgresql.org/message-id/4d135170.3080...@wulczer.org.
> Git branch for this patch:
> https://github.com/wulczer/postgres/tree/dont-remove-arguments
> Apart from being useless, as the whole dict is unreffed and thus freed
> in PLy_procedure_delete, removing args actively breaks things for
> recursive invocation of the same function. The recursive callee after
> returning will remove the args from globals, and subsequent access to
> the arguments in the caller will cause a NameError (see new regression
> test in patch).

I've reviewed this. The patch is old enough to be rejected by patch
command, but I manged to apply it by hand.
It compiles clean. Added tests pass.
I created fibonacci function similar to recursion_test in the patch
and confirmed the recursion raises error on 9.0 but not on 9.1.
Doc is not with the patch since this change is to remove unnecessary
optimization internally.

"Ready for Committer"


Hitoshi Harada

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