>> cheapest and easiest solution if you run into this: add "fake" functions 
>> which the planner cannot estimate properly.
>> use OR to artificially prop up estimates or use AND to artificially lower 
>> them. there is actually no need to redesign the schema to get around it but 
>> it is such an ugly solution that it does not even deserve to be called 
>> "ugly" ...
>> however, fast and reliable way to get around it.
> We couldn't possibly design a hint mechanism that would be uglier or
> less future-proof than this workaround (which, by the way, I'll keep
> in mind for the next time I get bitten by this).
> -- 
> Robert Haas
> EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com
> The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

i think the main issue is: what we do is ugly because of despair and a lack of 
alternative ... what you proposed is ugly by design ;).
overall: the workaround will win the ugliness contest, however ;).

        many thanks,


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