> 1.  Does anybody else care? I would love to see this in contrib, but if the
> chances are slim, then I would like to know that too.

That really depends on how well it works, and how much code it is.  It's
way too early for anyone to have a viewpoint on this.  For example, a
few years ago I'd have said that trigrams were hopelessly specialized
for mainstream PostgreSQL, but not they're not.

The path for this is to create an external project (on pgfoundry,
github, sourceforge, code.google,com, etc.) and then an Extension for
this.  Once it's production-quality, and if contrib is even relevant at
that point, you can propose it.

> 3.  I will probably implement this for ascii characters -- if anyone has any
> thoughts on other encodings, please share.

Why would the implementation for ASCII be different from Unicode?
Surely any distance algorithm is encoding-neutral.

Anyway, if it's ASCII-only, that's a guaranteed way to make sure it
isn't taken seriously.

                                  -- Josh Berkus
                                     PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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