Excerpts from Nikhil Sontakke's message of vie jul 29 14:12:37 -0400 2011:
> Hi all,
> PFA, patch which implements non-inheritable "ONLY" constraints. This
> has been achieved by introducing a new column "conisonly" in
> pg_constraint catalog. Specification of 'ONLY' in the ALTER TABLE ADD
> CONSTRAINT CHECK command is used to set this new column to true.
> Constraints which have this column set to true cannot be inherited by
> present and future children ever.
> The psql and pg_dump binaries have been modified to account for such
> persistent non-inheritable check constraints. This patch also has
> documentation changes along with relevant changes to the test cases.
> The regression runs pass fine with this patch applied.
> Comments and further feedback, if any, appreciated.

Did you look at how this conflicts with my patch to add not null
rows to pg_constraint?


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