On 15.08.2011 04:31, Joachim Wieland wrote:
The one thing that it does not implement is leaving the transaction in
an aborted state if the BEGIN TRANSACTION command failed for an
invalid snapshot identifier.

So what if the snapshot is invalid, the SNAPSHOT clause silently ignored? That sounds really bad.

I can certainly see that this would be
useful but I am not sure if it justifies introducing this
inconsistency. We would have a BEGIN TRANSACTION command that left the
session in a different state depending on why it failed...

I don't understand what inconsistency you're talking about. What else can cause BEGIN TRANSACTION to fail? Is there currently any failure mode that doesn't leave the transaction in aborted state?

I am wondering if pg_export_snapshot() is still the right name, since
the snapshot is no longer exported to the user. It is exported to a
file but that's an implementation detail.

It's still exporting the snapshot to other sessions, that name still seems appropriate to me.

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