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Magnus Hagander<mag...@hagander.net>  writes:
I also ran into a similar problem with some WAL macro definitions that
are in xlog_internal.h. I've moved them to xlogdefs.h in the attached
xlog.diff file. Does that seem ok as well, or should I move them
somewhere else?

I don't like the idea of exposing those to frontends, either.  What do
you actually *need* out of that, and why?

PrevLogSeg - which also brings in XLogSegsPerFile.
XLogFileSize - which brings in XLogSegsPerFile and XLogSegSize

PrevLogSeg should be self explaining, as should xlogfilename.

XLogFileSize is required by XLByteAdvance() which is already in
xlogdefs.h - so xlogdefs.h actually has a hidden dependency on
xlog_internal.h here today.

I can certainly separate those out, but it seemed more clean to move
the whole block they were in.

Perhaps we should change the protocol so that it explicitly says which file the streamed piece of WAL belongs to. That way a client could write it to the correct file without knowing about all those macros.

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