Em 17-08-2011 18:04, Greg Smith escreveu:
Attached is a patch that tracks and displays the accumulated cost when
autovacuum is running. Code by Noah Misch and myself. I hope this idea
will bring a formal process to vacuum tuning, which is currently too
hard to do. I was about to add "without..." to that, but I then realized
it needs no disclaimer; it's just too hard, period. Vacuum issues are
enemy #1 at all the terabyte scale customer sites I've been fighting
with lately.

Interesting patch. I drafted a similar idea but didn't have a chance to publish it. It is a complement to the idea about autovacuum tuning [1]. Hope I will have time to post something for the next CF. And, of course, I will review this patch.

The patch updates the command string just before the workers sleep to
show how much work they've done so far. And at the end, it adds a few
new lines to the information written to the logs, when the autovacuum is
notable enough to be logged at all. The overhead it adds is at most a
few integer operations per buffer processed and a slower title string
update once per sleep. It's trivial compared to both the vacuum itself,
and to the instrumentation's value to sites with vacuum issues.

I don't like exposing this information only on title processes. It would be difficult for client apps (for example, PGAdmin) to track this kind of information and it is restricted to local access. I'm not objecting to display this information in process title; I'm just saying that that information should be exposed in functions (say pg_stat_get_vacuum_[hit|miss|dirty]) too. I'm not sure about adding this information to incremental counters but that would be useful to trace a vacuum work pattern.

[1] http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2011-06/msg00678.php

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