Attached is the latest version of the Range Types patch. I will get it
into better shape before the commitfest, but wanted to put up a draft in
case anyone had comments on the TODO items.


  * Uses BTree opclass rather than compare function.
  * Collation specified at type definition time.
  * Various fixes.


  * Should the catalog hold the opclass or the opfamily? This doesn't
affect much, but I wasn't sure which to actually store in the catalog.

  * Use Robert Haas' suggestion for auto-generating constructors with
the same name as the range type, e.g. "int8range(1,10,'[]')", where the
third argument defaults to '[)'. This allows better type inference for
constructors, especially when there are multiple range types over the
same base type (and collation is a common case of this). I believe this
was the best idea after significant discussion:

  * Send/recv functions

  * cleanup

  * documentation updates

        Jeff Davis

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