Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> It has been years since I ran src/tools/pginclude/pgrminclude to remove
> unnecessary include files.  (I have already fixed things so include
> files can be compiled on their own.)

> The attached patch removes unneeded include references, and marks some
> includes as needing to be skipped by pgrminclude.

> I am sure applying this patch will break builds on some platforms and
> some option combinations so I will monitor the buildfarm when I apply it
> and make adjustments.

The last time you did this was in July 2006.  It took us two weeks to
mostly recover, but we were still dealing with some fallout in December,

We had the buildfarm then, had had it for a couple years.  The notion
that watching the buildfarm is enough is fully disproven by history.

Unless you have a better test plan than last time (which this isn't),
I don't think this should be done at all.  The benefits are microscopic
and the pain real.

                        regards, tom lane

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