On 08/27/2011 12:01 AM, Noah Misch wrote:
On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:46:33AM +0200, Tomas Vondra wrote:
1. collect pg_stat_bgwriter stats
2. run pgbench for 10 minutes
3. collect pg_stat_bgwriter stats (to compute difference with (1))
4. kill the postmaster

The problem is that when checkpoint stats are collected, there might be a
checkpoint in progress and in that case the stats are incomplete. In some
cases (especially with very small db blocks) this has significant impact
because the checkpoints are less frequent.
Could you remove this hazard by adding a step "2a. psql -c CHECKPOINT"?

That's what I do in pgbench-tools, and it helps a lot. It makes it easier to identify when the checkpoint kicks in if you know it's approximately the same time after each test run begins, given similar testing parameters. That said, it's hard to eliminate all of the edge conditions here.

For example, imagine that you're consuming WAL files such that you hit checkpoint_segments every 4 minutes. In a 10 minute test run, a checkpoint will start at 4:00 and finish at around 6:00 (with checkpoint_completion_target=0.5). The next will start at 8:00 and should finish at around 10:00--right at the end of when the test ends. Given the variation that sync timing and rounding issues in the write phase adds to things, you can expect that some test runs will include stats from 2 checkpoints, while others will end the test just before the second one finishes. It does throw the numbers off a bit.

To avoid this when it pops up, I normally aim to push up to where there are >=4 checkpoints per test run, just so whether I get n or n-1 of them doesn't impact results as much. But that normally takes doubling the length of the test to 20 minutes. As it will often take me days of test time to plow through exploring just a couple of parameters, I'm sympathetic to Tomas trying to improve accuracy here without having to run for quite so long. There's few people who have this problem to worry about though, it's a common issue with benchmarking but not many other contexts.

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