On 09/11/2011 02:50 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
In particular, I think that discovering a safe dump order for a selected
set of objects is a pretty key portion of pg_dump's functionality.
Do we really want to assume that that needn't be included in a
hypothetical library?

Maybe. Who else would need it?

Other issues include:

* pg_dump's habit of assuming that the SQL is being generated to work
with a current server as target, even when dumping from a much older
server.  It's not clear to me that other clients for a library would
want that behavior ... but catering to multiple output versions would
kick the complexity up by an order of magnitude.

Good point. Maybe what we need to think about instead is adding some backend functions to do the sort of things I want. That would avoid version issues and have the advantage that it would be available to all clients, as well as avoiding possible performance issues you mention.



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