On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Andrew Dunstan <and...@dunslane.net> wrote:
> this time with patch.

I think help.c should document the \setenv command. And a link from
the "Environment" section[1] of psql's doc page to the section about
\setenv might help too.

The existing \set command lists all internal variables and their
values when called with no arguments. Perhaps \setenv with no
arguments should work similarly: we could display only those
environment variables interesting to psql if there's too much noise.
Or at least, I think we need some way to check the values of
environment variables inside psql, if we're able to set them from
inside psql. To be fair, I notice that \pset doesn't appear to offer a
way to show its current values either, but maybe that should be fixed
separately as well.

Typo: s/vakue/value/


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