On fre, 2011-09-16 at 01:32 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> As far as the other issues go, I think there is actually a
> prerequisite
> discussion to be had here, which is whether we are turning the
> recovery
> parameters into plain old GUCs or not.  If they are plain old GUCs,
> then
> they will presumably still have their values when we are *not* doing
> recovery.  That leads to a couple of questions:
> * will seeing these values present in pg_settings confuse anybody?

How so?  We add or change the available parameters all the time.

> * can the values be changed when not in recovery, if so what happens,
>   and again will that confuse anybody?

Should be similar to archive_command and archive_mode.  You can still
see and change archive_command when archive_mode is off.

> * is there any security hazard from ordinary users being able to see
>   what settings had been used? 

Again, not much different from the archive_* settings.  They are, after
all, almost the same in the opposite direction.

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