Shigeru Hanada <> writes:
> (2011/09/09 0:47), Kohei Kaigai wrote:
>> makeString() does not copy the supplied string itself, so it is not 
>> preferable to reference
>> NameStr(attr->attname) across ReleaseSysCache().

> Oops, fixed.
> [ I should check some of my projects for this issue... ]

I've committed this with some mostly-cosmetic revisions, notably

* use defGetBoolean, since this ought to be a plain boolean option
rather than having its own private idea of which spellings are accepted.

* get rid of the ORDER BY altogether in the regression test case ---
it seems a lot safer to assume that COPY will read the data in the
presented order than that text will be sorted in any particular way.

                        regards, tom lane

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