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1. Start load generator on the master (WAL archiving enabled).
2. Prepare a Streaming Replication standby (accepting WAL files too):
2.1. pg_switch_xlog() on the master;
You don't need this.

2.2. pg_start_backup(Obackup_under_load¹) on the master (this will take a
while as master is loaded up);
No. if you use pg_start_backup('foo', true) it will be fast. Check the manual.

2.3. rsync data/global/pg_control to the standby;
Why are you doing this? If ...

2.4. rsync all other data/ (without pg_xlog) to the standby;
you will copy it again or no? Don't understand your point.

2.5. pg_stop_backup() on the master;
2.6. Wait to receive all WAL files, generated during the backup, on the
2.6. Start the standby PG instance.

The last step will, usually, fail with a similar error:

The problem could be that the minimum recovery point (step 2.3) is different from the end of rsync if you are under load.

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