On 29.09.2011 14:31, Fujii Masao wrote:
On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 8:06 PM, Florian Pflug<f...@phlo.org>  wrote:
Actually, why don't we use that machinery to implement this? There's currently 
no rm_safe_restartpoint callback for RM_XLOG_ID, so we'd just need to create 
one that checks whether invalid_page_tab is empty.

Okay, the attached patch prevents the creation of restartpoints by using
rm_safe_restartpoint callback if we've not reached a consistent state yet
and the invalid-page table is not empty. But the invalid-page table is not
tied to the specific resource manager, so using rm_safe_restartpoint for
that seems to slightly odd. Is this OK?

I don't think this should use the rm_safe_restartpoint machinery. As you said, it's not tied to any specific resource manager. And I've actually been thinking that we will get rid of rm_safe_restartpoint altogether in the future. The two things that still use it are the b-tree and gin, and I'd like to change both of those to not require any post-recovery cleanup step to finish multi-page operations, similar to what I did with GiST in 9.1.

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