On tor, 2011-10-06 at 20:15 -0400, Alex Goncharov wrote:
> P.S. And on the odd chance that somebody thinks that this
>      functionality would be possible and helpful to add to libpq, and
>      the problem is in the lack of human resources: I would be more
>      then happy to dig into some PostgreSQL (the product) development
>      under somebody's coaching, to start with.  This topic or other.
>      I just wouldn't know where to start myself. 

I had some some research on this particular topic/feature recently.  My
notes currently say, it's better to not tackle this before the not-null
cataloging patch (see entry in current commitfest) is finished.  Because
that patch would presumably already implement much of the logic
necessary to determine whether a give expression implies nullability or
not and catalog this in a simpler fashion.  Based on that you will then
have to drag this information around and put it on the wire so that the
client APIs can process it.

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