I tried to review the "Optimizing box_penalty" patch:
as posted here:
The patch no longer applies to source code, due to other recent GiST
changes.  Parts of it were modifying functions which no longer exist.
I picked out the bits which still seemed relevant, and a patch with
that is attached.  The improvement in REINDEX time is now only about
0.25% on my machine at home, which is small enough that it could
easily be from code shifting around.  (Or such shifts might be hiding
a larger actual savings.)  In any event, this patch doesn't seem to
be justified as a performance patch, based on my benchmarks today.
On the other hand, this patch leaves the code a few lines shorter and
eliminates some unnecessary Datum wrapping, PG_FUNCTION_ARGS
parameters on a static function, and allows that function to be
called directly rather than using DirectFunctionCall2().  I find the
resulting code a little cleaner and easier to read.  I would prefer
to see it applied on that basis, personally.
Since the author is a committer, and this is a pretty minor code
style patch at this point, I'll mark it "Ready for Committer" and
leave it to Heikki to decide what to do with it.


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