So, I will split the patch into two parts as follows, in the next commit fest.

Part-1) Views with security_barrier reloption

The part-1 portion provides views "security_barrier" reloption; that enables
to keep sub-queries unflatten in the prepjoin.c stage.
In addition, these sub-queries (that originally come from views with
"security_barrier" option) don't allow to push down qualifiers from upper
level. It shall prevent both of the problematic scenarios.

Part-2) Functions with leakproof attribute

The part-2 portion provides functions "leakproof" attribute; that enables
to push down leakproof functions into sub-queries, even if it originally
come from security views.
It shall minimize performance damages when we use view for row-level
security purpose.

2011/10/19 Tom Lane <>:
> Robert Haas <> writes:
>> Well, there's clearly some way to prevent pushdown from happening,
>> because sticking a LIMIT in there does the trick...
> I already pointed you at subquery_is_pushdown_safe ...
>                        regards, tom lane
KaiGai Kohei <>

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