How about the current status of this patch, although it is still
"Waiting on author".

If Hanada-san would propose contrib/pgsql_fdw as a basis of join-pushdown
feature, I'll likely volunteer to review the patch.
I'm also interested in this feature. Hopefully, I'd like to try other
kind of pushing
down (such as aggregate, sort, ...) or updatable foreign tables. :-)


2011/10/10 Tom Lane <>:
> Robert Haas <> writes:
>> This might be out of left field, but wouldn't it make more sense to
>> get postgresql_fdw committed first, and then add the join push-down
>> functionality afterwards?  I mean, otherwise, we're going to be left
>> with a situation where we have join pushdown in core, but the only FDW
>> that can actually make use of it elsewhere.
> There's likely to be a lot of FDW infrastructure that will not be
> exercised by anything in core or contrib ...
>                        regards, tom lane

KaiGai Kohei <>

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