Alvaro Herrera <> writes:
> I just noticed that DropTrigger uses ShareRowExclusiveLock to lock the
> relation it's going to drop the trigger on.  The comment right above it
> says that this should match RemoveTriggerById, but that one uses
> AccessExclusiveLock -- so one of them (or the comment) is not right.

Yeah, this is a bug.  I think what happened is:

1. Simon committed his patch to reduce lock levels.
2. Robert copied that lock level in his commit
   4240e429d0c2d889d0cda23c618f94e12c13ade7 that refactored use
   of RangeVarGetRelid.
3. When I reverted most of Simon's change, it didn't occur to me to
   look for places that had copied the bad lock levels --- I was
   just looking at what his patch had done.

I will fix this, and also do some looking to see if the bogus lock
levels propagated anywhere else...

                        regards, tom lane

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